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El Forastero en el Camino a Emaus (Spanish Edition) [Juan Cruz] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Translation of The Stranger on the.
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From a pastoral perspective, John Mossi writes that meditating upon the "Emmaus Pilgrimage" may help one when experiencing one's own "dark nights". During such course of action, according to Mossi, one should realize that Jesus compassionately walks as a friend on one's own journey, empathetically listens one's sorrows and hesitations, and spends quality time accompanying one goes through the process of inner healing.

Luke —29 states that Jesus stayed and had supper with the two disciples after the encounter on the road:. As they approached the village to which they were going, Jesus acted as if he were going farther. But they urged him strongly, "Stay with us, for it is nearly evening; the day is almost over. The two disciples showed their openness and caring to the unknown stranger, who is Jesus, by inviting him to stay with them, to join in meal and companionship.

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Jan Lambrecht argues that such attitudes made Jesus able to change them deeply: "By the offer of hospitality the Emmaus companions were able to transcend their self-concern, sadness, foolishness and slowness of heart, thus preparing them for the revelatory experience around the table where they were nourished. At first, Jesus appears to Cleopas and one other disciple, but "their eyes were holden" so that they could not recognize him.

Later, "in the breaking of bread" Luke , "their eyes were opened" and they recognized him Luke Robinson argues that this means that the recognition occurred in the course of the meal, [21] while Raymond Blacketer notes that "many, perhaps even most, commentators, ancient and modern and in-between, have seen the revelation of Jesus' identity in the breaking of bread as having some kind of eucharistic referent or implication.

In his apostolic letter Mane nobiscum Domine , John Paul II says that when the two disciples urged Jesus to stay with them, Jesus afterwards responded by giving them a way to stay in him, by entering into "a profound communion with Jesus" through the "Sacrament of the Eucharist" cf.

John Soon after Jesus agreed to their request to stay, according to the Pope, "Jesus' face would disappear, yet the Master would 'stay' with them, hidden in the 'breaking of the bread' which had opened their eyes to recognize him. When minds are enlightened and hearts are enkindled, signs begin to 'speak'. Luke states that the two disciples' hearts were "burning" during their conversation with Jesus along the way to Emmaus, especially when he explained the Scriptures.

They have gone through "a journey symbolizing their change of hearts from 'sad' to 'burning ' ", and they immediately returned to Jerusalem to share their experience with other fellows Luke Alfred McBride says that "enthusiasm flooded their whole being" when the two disciples have "encounter[ed] the Risen Christ" in the supper at Emmaus.

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They sensed a must to share their happiness and the good news with another so that they were willing to go through a long walk back to Jerusalem. Both the encounter on the road and the ensuing supper have been depicted in art, but the supper has received more attention. Medieval art tends to show a moment before Jesus is recognized; Christ wears a large floppy hat to help explain the initial lack of recognition by the disciples.

This is often a large pilgrim 's hat with badges or, rarely, a Jewish hat. However, the depiction of the supper has been a more popular theme, at least since the Renaissance , showing Jesus eating with the disciples. Often the moment of recognition is shown. Rembrandt 's depiction of the Supper builds on the etching that he did six years earlier, in which the disciple on the left had risen, hands clasped in prayer.

El Forastero en el Camino a Emaus Stranger on the Road to Emmaus Spanish (9781927429990)

In both depictions, the disciples are startled and in awe but not in fear. The servant is oblivious to the theophanic moment taking place during the supper. Caravaggio 's painting in London and his painting in Milan were six years apart, and both imitate natural color very well, but both were criticized for lack of decorum. Caravaggio depicted Jesus without a beard, and the London painting shows fruits on the table that are out of season.

Moreover, the inn keeper is shown serving with a hat. The supper was also the subject of one of Han van Meegeren 's most successful Vermeer forgeries. In literary art, the Emmaus theme is treated as early as the 12th century by Durham poet Laurentius in a semidramatic Latin poem.

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Oratory in Novara , 15th century. The Supper at Emmaus , Vincenzo Catena. Supper at Emmaus , Caravaggio , , London. Supper at Emmaus , Caravaggio , , Milan. The Emmaus Disciples , Abraham Bloemaert. The altar of Jungshoved Kirke. Sculpture by Bertel Thorvaldsen plaster. He composed several church cantatas for the occasion , including the chorale cantata Bleib bei uns, denn es will Abend werden , BWV 6 , in I am filled with warmth at the image of Jesus walking alongside the two disciples whose hearts are burdened with loss and despair.

What believer would not long to experience the nurturing Presence of Jesus as they wandered through their darkest hour? We know this person is a God-send because their words cause life to stir in us once more. Cleopas and his fellow traveler felt their hearts burning within them as Jesus talked with them along the road to Emmaus. He has become one with them.

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He has given them his own Spirit of Love. Their companion on the journey has become the companion of their souls. The fact that the essence of the liturgy always remains the same is certainly an extremely important consideration.

The following excerpts are from a homily delivered by Pope Francis: "What strikes us is the strength of Peter and the other apostles. In response to the order to be silent, no longer teach in the name of Jesus, no longer proclaim his message, they respond clearly: "We must obey God rather than men" and they remain undeterred even when flogged, ill-treated and imprisoned.

Peter and the apostles proclaim courageously, fearlessly, what they have received: the Gospel of Jesus. And we? Are we capable of bringing the word of God into the environment in which we live?

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  6. Do we know how to speak of Christ, of what he represents for us, in our families, among the people who form our daily lives? Faith is born from listening and is strengthened by proclamation.