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SAPscript Made Easy | Release pz b `}~ Z{X This guidebook is all about SAPscript forms. Using this guidebook, you will be able to: n n. Use graphical tools.
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The regular or traditional costing approach that allocates costs to cost objects, using direct labor or materials as a basis, is used to create the financial statements. ABC is not used for financial statements. As a result, using informa- tion provided by the parallel system, a manager could compare the costs computed using ABC to those generated by the traditional costing system.

However, a number of references are summarized in the Appendix. With 4. As a result, rather than using traditional cost accounting allocation processes, indirect costs can be allocated using ABC-based allocations. Financial statements can be directly generated using ABC-based approaches. The operational approach allows the use of ABC for costing purposes.


Histori- cally at ABB Group, as is common in decentralized companies, investment decisions on systems are made independent of other ABB companies. Instead, five working days before month-end, data is due at headquarters. Data from each company in ABB is gathered either as a single company or in a consolidated form, as part of a subgroup of companies. Information is coded so that data can be consolidated or selected from any view of the matrix organization, e. One day after month-end, consoli- dated data is available for various management and boards.

In addition, ABACUS functions as a data warehouse, providing the ability to store multiple years of data for the analysis of trends. Further, ABACUS provides the ability to accommodate multiple currencies, a necessity when you do busi- ness in over 50 countries. As noted in the letter: The project has two distinct stages: Stage 1: Process analysis and optimization includes the closing cycle process.

Stage 1: to be terminated by all companies by the end of The Executive Committee has therefore reconfirmed the great importance of this project and that sufficient resources will have to be set aside to enable it to meet its deadlines. SAP was chosen because it offered the opportunity to integrate across the firm, generating improvements in effectiveness and efficiencies.

As noted by Markus Venetz: We started the project in September Each of those two product lines was process-based, and had substantial indirect costs. For example, production employed large amounts of capital machinery that generated corre- spondingly large amounts of depreciation.

These time records were used as a basis of assigning costs. As a result, it was felt that the direct labor hour information could be used to allocate any indirect costs and thus, there was no need to implement ABC for those production processes. As a result, the current implementation would not meet the requirements of ABB Group. Organizational Cost Modeling In order to match costs to activity types and processes, as noted earlier, CO-ABC employs an organizational model of cost centers leading to activity types and from activity types to processes.

As a result, ABB Industries found it necessary both to find and identify activity types, processes, and process owners in order to build the organizational model for CO-ABC. Managers could use the resulting model to reengineer the production processes. In particular, those processes with multiple cost sources, or activity types with multiple cost centers were suggested as targets for reengineering. Implementing single inputs to processes potentially could streamline operations.

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Choosing Cost Drivers After processes were identified, the ABC implementation was dependent on the process owners to provide an analysis of cost drivers for each activity type. Sometimes they try to give you the information that they think will make them look the best. However, in order to implement ABC we need the actual cost drivers.

Ultimately, ABB Industries chose activities as cost drivers for almost 70 processes identified in their analysis of the production of the two product lines chosen for implementation. A list of some sample activity cost drivers for five processes is given in Exhibit 1. The process involved Markus meeting with process owners, watching how the processes worked and trying to map drivers into measurable items. As Scherer noted, choice of the activity bases had to be done very carefully.

In some cases, processes draw costs from multiple cost centers. Different allocation bases provide different costs to different cost objects. Since different bases resulted in different costs, different inferences about profitability and pricing could be made. As a result, there was always a danger that an activity basis could bias one cost center, activity, process, cost object, or product in favor of another, i.

As a result, LIS summarizes transaction volumes that can provide the basis of many of the cost drivers. Some of the best practices implemented do not capture activity measures that were initially chosen for use in CO-ABC. For example, number of customer visits may be seen as the primary cost driver in some marketing activities. For example, in some cases process owners were required to make manual counts as to particular activity levels in order to establish the cost drivers.

Activity levels e. At the end of each year the organization model could be revised to account for changes in processes or activity counts.

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In those situations where reengineering had occurred or other changes were made, representations of the organization model cost centers, activity types, and processes, or flows among them also could be changed. As a result, changes in the organizational model often required changes in the activity bases because of changes in activity counts or reestimation of activity levels. Customer Focus The customers for the ABC information were the business managers of the cost centers, activi- ties, and processes.

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A customer focus was aimed at providing information to those customers in order to help them optimize their business processes using information generated from the ABC analysis. ABC was seen as a tool to not only enable cost reduction, but also provide input to process management that could lead to cycle time reduction and quality improvement. Cost center and process managers needed incentive to help with the implementation. In an effort to have ABB Industries managers see a business benefit, Markus provided numeric information to the managers regarding cost-driver-based costs for each activity, process, and cost object.

However, perhaps development of a pictorial approach to summarizing cost information was the greatest help for managers to see the possible benefit of potential process changes. An example of the pictorial summary of costs provided to managers, developed for illustrative purposes, is provided in Figure 3.

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  7. The example summarizes total cost across each activity used in the process, making it easy to identify which activities had the largest cost. Scherer remarked that it seemed that SAP was functional in its development efforts, with different SAP module development teams having limited communication with each other. In the first quarter of SAP made version 4.

    The prototype had four different processes, as summarized in Exhibit 2. However, there are a large number of available references that contain more information. An executive summary is provided in Norris et al. For detailed description, see, e. Since these other changes do not directly relate to the material in the case, they are not discussed further. USA: Que. Blain, B.

    (PDF) ABB Industries: Implementing SAP s ABC | Dan OLeary -

    Dodd, and B. Blain, J. USA: Que pages. Q 1 Hart, J. Pearson Custom Pub. Norris, G. Wright, J. Hurley, J. Dunleavy, and A.

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    Rockefeller, B. If the parameter is not defined, the address is output in the default paragraph format. LINES define how many lines are available to format the address. If the LINES specification is missing and this command is in a form window whose type is not MAIN, the lines available for the address layout are automatically calculated with the current output line item and window size. TITLE is a required form of address. NAME means that up to four separate names, separated by commas, can be defined.

    CODE is the P. CITY means that up to two place names can be defined.

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    In EEC countries, only the international country identification letter is placed, with a hyphen, before the postal code. This list generates the following address: Company Widget Technology, Inc. Box, is entered. Company Widget Technology, Inc. If the display is not in the required form, check the settings that are valid for this function module see the documentation on the function module. Only use footer texts in texts that are not printed with application programs, such as dunning texts, ordering texts.

    These application programs also work with Post on Mar views.