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Ten Minutes from Normal [Karen Hughes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The woman who served as counselor to President George W.
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You actually stress yourself out trying to sleep, and it seems to only get harder as the night wears on. The Answer Might Surprise You According to the National Sleep Foundation , taking ten to twenty minutes to fall asleep after you climb into bed is normal. If you veer drastically to one side or the other of these numbers, you may have a problem. If you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, it may be a sign that you aren't getting enough sleep and that you're sleep deprived.

So rather than touting unrealistic promises, we're using ancient techniques proven by experience. They teach us how to harness our minds, so we can get past the thinking that keeps us awake. My teacher Sri O. Tiwari is one of India's foremost experts on yoga, specifically the use of yogic breathing exercises. At his well-known yoga institute in India, yogic breathing and postures are used to treat many health problems, including insomnia. Enjoy the these little-known techniques that will diminish stress and put you to sleep in under ten minutes:.

Hum like a bee Inhale deeply through your nose. Exhale, and make a gentle humming sound. Think about the sound moving up through your soft palate the back of your thought into your brain.

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Be careful not to strain or force your breath. As you exhale and hum, you're also naturally extending the exhalation, which causes a natural relaxation reflex. Practice at least thirty times per night, concentrating on your humming sound. That's right, you mimic the soft humming sound made by bees. This yogic breathing technique, called brahmari, works because you generate your own white noise. White noise tends to lull us to sleep--think fans, raindrops, or even air conditioning units. This practice is especially useful for drowning out disturbing sounds.

Breathe through your belly Lay on your back, and place the bottom edge of a book or small pillow on the bottom of your rib cage. Center the object so it won't fall off.

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Alternatively, place your hand in this spot. As you inhale, lift the object toward the ceiling, and imagine that your belly is rising to the sky. As you exhale, imagine yourself gently lowering the object and releasing deeply into the folds of the earth.

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Exhale for as long as you can. Practice at least twenty times per night. Notice the natural pause at the top of your inhale and at the bottom of your exhale. Explore these moments. You'll learn to breathe efficiently and deeply using the diaphragm muscle which initiates deep, relaxed breathing. Relaxed breath takes us out of the stressful sympathetic nervous system think "fight or flight" and into the parasympathetic nervous system think "rest and digest". The touch of the book or hand on your belly soothes your nervous system, causing deep relaxation.

But if you are in the practice of systematically fabricating another reality, one you pathologically regard as your alternate reality , an empty construct of self-serving delusions and hyperinflated lies, if you practice naming up as down and wrong as right , then you most certainly are at least ten minutes from normal. These days, which must be the very last days before we land on our rock bottom, these days seem to me to be really ten minutes from normal.

Only this normal is going to be the real normal.

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Normal here we come! Normal here we are! Fellow travelers, we are home at last. Free and brave. My message today, after all this ugly grumbling, is to take heart. This land is once again our land. I am once again proud to call it my own and to give it my name. This very minute is nothing but normal.

Ask the lactation expert: What's a normal breastfeeding routine?

But, I am hopeful. We all need to get this out of our system s. Then, maybe, we can begin to heal, individually, collectively…. I wish it had happened differently, but I am glad the veil has been lifted. Our old ways were not sustainable. I look forward to seeing what we can do now.

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A fellow Texan? You put that wonderfully. Amen and amen if I may be ecumenical. Along with J, I hope that Ann and Molly whom I believe are now one with the is-ness of all that is rejoice with us and lend their humor and sound counsel to us who remain in this here and now. I have this idea of a dog named Normal. Instead of calling the dog to come to us Normal! Come here!

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He got to drive her father around. He was devastated when she lost re-election even though he approval ratings were very high. To this day he still mutters how the world would be different today if she had that election. RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URL. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

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Ten minutes from the other normal March 10th, Bear with me, because this story is one very long exhalation before a breath of fresh air. Those are the most destructive ten minutes in the world.

We are going to be okay. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Bush , Karen P. I hope your right. Please be right. Comment by Mrs. Roth — March 10, pm They packaged lies, fear, and stupidity and spoonfed it to our masses. It still stings.